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Exam Name Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer
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About the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Credential

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer program is designed for developers who have hands-on experience developing for Marketing Cloud. The audience has proven experience with the administration and configuration of the Marketing Cloud Email application, as demonstrated through successful completion of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam. This credential is targeted toward the Marketing Cloud Developer who has experience developing dynamic, personalized marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, and forms leveraging HTML, CSS, and AMPscript. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer is also proficient in SQL and has experience in using Marketing Cloud APIs.

Audience Description: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer has experience configuring and customizing data for the Marketing Cloud. The developer is knowledgeable in subscriber management across channels and has the ability to troubleshoot various programmatic languages that guide the design of both tactical and strategic email campaigns. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer has experience as a full-stack developer for Marketing Cloud creating personalized, dynamic messages, landing pages, makes use of Marketing Cloud scripting languages, and is experienced with data configuration, manipulations and advance segmentation, as well as reporting and analytics.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer generally has at least a year of experience developing for Marketing Cloud and associated tools.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer candidate has the experience, skills, knowledge, and ability to:

  • Configure and set-up data models (data extensions, shared data extensions, Contact model).

  • Configure data import.

  • Work with customers and platform data (SQL, views, Send Log).

  • Write basic SQL, including join statements.

  • Create dynamic, personalized marketing assets using various scripting languages.

  • Build Marketing Cloud web experience (data forms, custom preference pages).

  • Explain subscription management.

  • Work through and resolve scenarios using REST and SOAP API.

  • Invest time in studying the resources listed in this Exam Guide and the additional required study materials provided by Salesforce.

    urpose of this Exam Guide

    This exam guide is designed to help you evaluate if you are ready to successfully complete the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam. This guide provides information about the target audience for the certification exam, recommended training and documentation, and a complete list of exam objectives—all with the intent of helping you achieve a passing score. Salesforce highly recommends a combination of on-the-job experience, course attendance, and self-study to maximize your chances of passing the exam.


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