Salesforce is issuing more certifications than ever before. You can excel in your career with Salesforce certifications. We chose the following paths and assigned a color to each of them:

1. Administrator for Salesforce

As a Salesforce Administrator, you’ll be responsible for keeping track of company processes in an organized and efficient manner. The track demonstrates that you are well-versed in customizing. Overall, you have the choice of selecting one of the following options:

⦁ Managing Director

You’ll need to know how to modify Salesforce, get more out of its capabilities and features, manage users, and routinely configure the platform for this track. Maintaining and importing clean data, setting up workflow automation, customizing your app, business processes, tabs, fields, and page layouts are all abilities you should have. You must pass the exam to receive this certification.

⦁ Administrator (Advanced)

Our package covers your advanced capabilities and expertise in automating processes, creating complex reports, and creating dashboards. It’s also worth noting that you must first obtain the Administrator certificate before you choose the advanced option. You should improve data quality, conduct complicated business processes, customize the Salesforce mobile app, and manage configuration changes in a sandbox environment to pass the ADM-211 exam.

⦁ Specialist in CPQ

This certification is for people who have worked with Salesforce CPQ before. You must know how to set up product and price rules, bundles, and goods to take the CPQ-201 test.

⦁ App Builder for Platforms

You should be familiar with designing and deploying custom apps using the Salesforce platform’s declarative customization features. DEX-403 is the exam that you must take.

⦁ Administrator (Marketing Cloud)

You should be familiar with the end-user features and customize the Marketing Cloud choices. You must study well for the prerequisite exam required for this qualification.

2. Salesforce Architect

This certification path is for you if you enjoy toying with code samples. Different programming languages, such as Java, Apex, and others, may be used. Salesforce Developers are all everyday tasks for complicated workflows, complex validation rules, Apex development, AppExchange, triggers, and legacy platform interfaces. The following certifications are included in this category:

⦁ Platform Developer

You will quickly obtain this certificate if you know how to design and deploy user interfaces and business logic using the Lightning Platform’s programmatic capabilities and pass the CRT-450 test.

⦁ Developer of Platforms II

You will have a thorough understanding and advanced knowledge of the Salesforce platform’s programmable capabilities with the course. To create complicated interfaces and business logic, you must execute data modeling. Before taking the prerequisite exam, students should achieve the Advanced Apex Specialist Super badge certification.

⦁ JavaScript Developer

People who want to develop back-end and front-end JavaScript apps for the web stack. This path necessitates passing CRT-600.

⦁ Developer of B2C Commerce

This choice necessitates a thorough understanding of managing users, maintaining the platform, and personalizing Salesforce. CCD-102 is the test that evaluates your abilities.

⦁ Developer for the Marketing Cloud

Certified Marketing Cloud Developers have worked on the entire platform and are familiar with it. They use Marketing Cloud scripting languages to build personalized, dynamic messaging and landing pages. They’ve also got advanced segmentation, reporting and analytics, and data setup under their belts.

3. Architect for Salesforce

Salesforce Architects are in charge of finding answers to problems and designing long-lasting systems that can withstand massive traffic levels. The following certifications are included in this profile:

⦁ Architect for Application Development

One of the credentials, such as Sharing and Visibility Designer, Platform Developer I, Data Architecture and Management Designer, or Platform App Builder, is required for this choice.

⦁ Architect for B2C Commerce

You must first obtain the B2C Commerce Developer certificate for this track before taking the CCM-101 exam. Heroku is a web-based architecture platform. To be eligible for the certification exam, you must have experience architecting scalable solutions on Heroku.

⦁ Architect of the System

It is essential to have Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer, Identity and Access Management Designer, Integration Architecture Designer, or Platform Developer I certifications before attempting to pass this path’s test.

⦁ Technical Architect

Application Architect and System Architect are the only two prerequisites for this certification. You will ace the test if you earn one of the credentials.

4. Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultants is one of the essential resources for any company since they provide value to clients and produce income, ultimately increasing its worth. The following are the certificates that come within this category:

⦁ Cloud Consultant for the Community

It only offers one test (ADX-271), which assesses your knowledge and abilities in implementing and consulting Salesforce Communities apps in a customer-facing capacity. Before choosing this option, it is also suggested that the applicants hold the Administrator credential.

⦁ Consultant for the Education Cloud

This one also necessitates that you first have the Administrator certification. After that, you can demonstrate your abilities in a customer-facing job developing Salesforce Education Cloud products.

⦁ Consultant for Einstein Analytics and Discovery

For the ANC-101 certification test, you should be familiar with designing and deploying Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery solutions.
⦁ Lightning Consultant for Field Service
⦁ To take the FSL-201 exam, you must first get the Administrator or Service Cloud Consultant credentials.

⦁ Cloud Consultant for Nonprofits

The Administrator certification is also required for this track. It, too, offers only one exam, and candidates must be able to deploy and counsel on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud solutions role.

⦁ Cloud Sales Consultant

You can take the CRT-251 test after earning the Administrator certification and learning how to develop scalable and maintainable Sales Cloud solutions and successfully implement them.
Salesforce CRT-261: Service Cloud Consultant is a prerequisite exam that must be taken after acquiring the Administrator certification and covering all of the path’s needed topics.

5. Marketer for Salesforce

This certification path is for people who understand how to successfully run marketing initiatives to reach a defined audience while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. This category includes the following options:

⦁ Consultant for Pardot

You must first obtain the Pardot Specialist certification, after which you must take the exam, which will assess your ability to build and successfully deploy solutions using Pardot’s marketing automation capabilities.

⦁ The administrator of the Marketing Cloud

Your understanding of the numerous features that can assist end-users and the configuration options available in Marketing Cloud will determine your test outcome.

⦁ Consultant for the Marketing Cloud

Candidates for this path should have the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification and be familiar with the solutions that may be used to run both strategic and tactical email campaigns. The exam for this qualification is CRT-550.

⦁ Developer for the Marketing Cloud

This certification will be awarded to those who can demonstrate their ability to create landing pages, tailored and dynamic messaging, as well as extensive segmentation, analytics, manipulations, reporting, and data setup skills. Only one exam is required to obtain the certificate. The Pardot Specialist Salesforce PDX-101 certification test verifies your abilities in developing strategic marketing processes.